Personal Statements for College Entrance

You all know that colleges look at high school GPAs and SAT scores to determine college entrance. Many schools also require an essay or personal statement. Some colleges require that you write on a particular topic such as: "Describe an incident which changed your life" or "State why you would like to attend this college and what you can offer to this college." Other colleges will leave it entirely up to you and only prescribe the length.  Here's one hot off the web page from Tutf's University:  “What does #YOLO mean to you?”


The University of California system have a new writing format. You must write 4 of 8 prompts, each no more than 350 words. The prompts are found at here. These are NOT essays.

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1. Do the colleges you want to attend require a personal statement? If so, what are the instructions? Include the instructions and prompt in your email.

2. Write the require personal statement. Due second Friday of Oct. If none of your colleges require a personal essay, write an essay for a scholarship or you may send me an email stating you do not need to write a personal essay and you don't need any money from a scholarship.

3. Please email your essays or letters to    Your email subject line is Personal Statement. Put your name and period number on your email. Paste your personal statement directly into the text of the email (no sharing or attachments). Please include your prompt so I know what you are doing.

See previously written personal essays as examples.
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