9th English: Assignments
Dr. Ray Gen


Romeo and Juliet

by William Shakespeare




I.  Keep a Theme Log.


                List the references and provide an explanation of the themes in the play.
                Introduction to Tragedy (pyramid)


II. Citations Assignment.


III. Shakespeare Vocabulary


IV. Project.



· You may work individually or with a partner. Working with a partner will raise expectations. I will expect much more from people who work with a partner. (It should be twice as good.) Both partners will receive identical grades. Choose your partner CAREFULLY and WISELY.

                · You may write a report (1000/2000 words).

· In lieu of a report you may create a presentation using the following formats: Power Point, Web Page, Interactive Text. Movies)

· You may suggest an alternative project – Check with Dr. Gen.

· Grade yourself. Be honest; use letter grades (Your evaluation will not necessarily reflect your final project grade, although if you are honest it will.)


Project – Choose ONE. 


1.  Write an analysis of the role of the Nurse and Friar Lawrence. Explain their importance to the play and why their roles are important to the play.


2.  Research the similar Romeo and Juliet events in history. For example, during the conflict of Bosnia there was an account of two teens from opposite sides who fell in love and also experienced tragic love.


3. Research the Globe Theatre and the production of plays.


4. Research Greek Tragedy and report on the structure of these plays.


5. Is Shakespeare the author of the plays? Explain the controversy


6. Research the life of Shakespeare.


7. Contact and correspond with someone at Shakespeare’s home Stratford on Avon and find materials interesting for the class.


8. There has been a suggestion that the tale of Romeo and Juliet originated in China and came to Europe through the Italian Renaissance. Investigate this suggestion.


9. Memorize and perform a soliloquy or work with a partner or partners and act out a scene.


10. Is suicide a legitimate option for people to take?


11. Other: please make a suggestion to Mr. Gen.


This project will be worth 400 points.