A Shakespearian tragedy may be broken down into six distinct structural elements:

1. Exposition introduction & "grabber"

2. Exciting Force the main characters take on too much that will lead to disaster

3. Rising Action events that propel the characters toward the climax

4. Climax The focal point where the play shifts directions toward the catastrophe

5. Falling action events that propel the characters toward the catastrophe

6. Catastrophe   the tragic , inevitable end

In Romeo and Juliet these elements occur as follows:
Act I        Exposition, Exciting Force, Rising Action
Act II      Rising Action
Act III     Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action
Act IV     Falling Action
Act V      Falling Action, Catastrophe

Describe the events of the play which conform to the structural elements of a Shakespearian tragedy.

1. Exposition

2. Exciting Force

3. Rising Action

4. Climax

5. Falling Action

6. Catastrophe