English 9 Honors

Poetry Unit Assignments


Poetry Writing


Every student will write at least TEN original poems.  The poems need titles, good spelling, to be aesthetically appealing and should conform to the following guidelines:


Each poem MUST be at least 75 words in length (unless noted otherwise).

Post all your original poems on your web site.

Friends      2/10
Apology   2/12   See William Carlos Williams
Anger       2/17
Issues        2/19 
School       2/24
Teens        2/26
Technology  3/3
Choice    3/5

Narrative   3/10
Sonnets    3/12

Choose one poem  and create your own YouTube video. Embed video onto your web page. 


To see 2007 student poems click: http://poetrywikienglish9h.pbwiki.com 



Research Paper


Interpretive Essay


Draft 1 Feb 18

Draft 2 Feb 25

Draft 3 Mar 4


Poetry Exams - March 8, 9