Poetry Research Paper


Poetry can reflect our feelings and thoughts with just a few words. It's an important genre of writing that can illustrate a person or a community's perspective of the world.

Research a poet:  Investigate the background of the poet and the perspective their background or ethnicity lends to their poetry. What background do they have? What kind of education?  Did discrimination play a part of their past and how did it influence their poetry? Choose a poet from one of our textbooks. One of your sources MUST include one of the anthologies. Follow this link to see how to cite your textbook. Do NOT use wikipedia or any other encyclopedia as a source.

All your sources need to have authors.

Minimum 5 sources in MLA format.

M. Miriam Herrera Langston Hughes Lawson Fusao Inada Michael Ryan

5 sources minimum - 1 textbook, 1 magazine/periodical, 3 your choice
10 citations minimum
How to Cite in MLA
MLA Format - Sample of MLA paper
Grading form

Due Dates:
Choose Poet - Feb 26
Works Cited - March 1
Intro               - March 5
Draft 1           - March 8
Draft 2           -