English 9 Honors – Poetry Unit
Dr. Ray Gen

Reading Assignments


Please be sure to have read and have a thorough understanding of the following poems that are found in your anthologies The Language of Literature (Orange) and Arrangement in Literature (Arrangement), and in your handouts.



 Arrangement Titles                                 Poets                                      Page #
“Lament, for Cocoa”   John Updike    224 
“The Centaur”    May Swenson     24-5
“The Funeral”   Gordon Parks 253
“Birthday”       M. T. Buckley 229
“Daedalus and Icarus”  Ovid   254
“Miss Rosie” Lucille Clifton 234
“There Will Come Soft Rains” Sara Teasdale  245
“What Do I Remember of the Evacuation” Joy Kogawa    244
“Good People”   Mike Carlin   
 “Incendiary”    Vernon Scannell   
“On the Pulse of the Morning”  Maya Angelou   
“Sonnet XXXVI”  William Shakespeare  
“Mirror” Sylvia Plath    


Choose one of the following poems to present to the class.  Write a brief analytical paper (one page) following the model provided. Be sure to


1.        Interpret the poem.  Explain the message/story of the poem.

2.        Discuss the theme.

3.        Note the important poetic/literary devices that affect the meaning of the poem.


             The Language of Literature (Orange)


“Annabel Lee”                                                     Edgar Allan Poe    198    

“The Bells”                                                           Edgar Allan Poe    198       

“Beware: Do Not Read This Poem”                       Ishmael Reed    845       

“Caged Bird”                                                         Maya Angelou    488        

“Cloud”                                                                Sandra Cisneros    698         

“Courage My Mother Had”                 Edna St. Vincent Millay    608         

“Fable for When There’s No Way Out”            May Swenson    568       

“Fireworks”                                                                 Amy Lowell    475  

“Good Night, Willie Lee, I’ll See You…”              Alice Walker    268         

“Grape Sherbet”                                                             Rita Dove    613         

“Hanging Fire”                                                          Audre Lorde    343  

“I like a Look of Agony”                                    Emily Dickinson    70      

“Incident in a Rose Garden”                                Donald Justice    146         

“Ithaka”                                                                        C.P. Cavafy    971      

“The Journey”                                                            Mary Oliver    680      

“Lineage”                                                            Margaret Walker    608         

“Luxury”                                                                  Nikki Giovanni    158        

"Metaphor”                                                                Eve Merriam    675         

“My Father’s Song”                                                   Simon Ortiz    642         

“My Papa’s Waltz”                                        Theodore Roethke    613    

“A Narrow Fellow in the Grass”                       Emily Dickinson    552         

“O What Is That Sound”                                        W. H. Auden    141         

“Oranges”                                                                       Gary Soto    339     

“Penelope”                                                             Dorothy Parker    970  

“Poetry”                                                                    Pablo Neruda    854         

“A Poison Tree”                                                      William Blake    474
"There’s a Place for Us"                                Stephen Sondheim  1108

“The Road Not Taken”                                             Robert Frost    288   

“The Seven Ages of Man”                        William Shakespeare    348    

“The Sharks”                                                       Denise Levertov    552         

“since feeling is first”                                             e.e. cummings    313         

“Siren Song”                                                     Maragret Atwood    938     

“Song of the Open Road”                                    Walt Whitman    288   

“Surgeons must be careful”                              Emily Dickinson    357  

“Theme for English B”                                    Langston Hughes    466   

“A Voice”                                                                         Pat Mora    680         

"The Writer"                                                         Richard Wilbur     469

"Woman with Flower"                              Naomi Long Madgett    604

"The Wreck of the Hesperus"  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow   125