AP English Language & Composition

Dr. Ray Gen

All things are ready, if our minds be so.
Henry V, William Shakespeare

Your perceived failure can be a catalyst for profound reinvention.
Conan O'Brien  (2011)  Dartmouth Commencement

Truth is consistent. Things that are true are consistently true.
The Coherence Theory of Truth


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Course Description - College Board  (official description - in pdf)
Class Syllabus        pdf
Close Reading & Rhetorical Analysis Essay
Close Reading
Close Reading Chart
AP Rhetoric Guide
Literary Terms)
BYU's Guide to Rhetorical Terms
Genre Terms
Language Registers - Video

Language SubSystems
Reading and Writing the Open-ended Essay
Essay Writing Rubric
AP Score Card
Rhetorical Devices
Rhetorical Pyramid
Tabasco (because some like it hot)   (pdf version)
      Lesson 1     Lesson 2
CRAAP Test - Evaluating Sources

Writing Videos

MLA (Purdue - OWL)  What's New
University W. Florida
El Camino MLA Guide pdf
Kyle Stedman  (Rockford College) Video
Hanging Indent video
Gen MLA Citation Video

APA (Purdue - OWL)
APA guidelines (ECC pdf)
APA (Cornell)  
Changes in APA 7 video
APA Video (Intro to 7th)
Gen APA Citation Video

Chicago Manual of Style
Manhattanville College - no ibid, loc cit, op cit, idem
Turabian = Chicago
Chicago (Purdue - OWL)
    See sample papers for both  Notes/Bibliography and  
    Author/Date formats
    See also Chp 11 of Summer Reading
Purdue OWL ppt presentation
Video - CMoS Intro
Comparing Chicago 1 and 2 - Video by Western Michigan

APA vs Chicago Gang Violence

CSE - Scientific Style and Format
CSE - Morningside Univ
CSE - Bedford/St. Martin Sample Paper
CSE Format - student sample
CSE  Penn State U. 2 styles:   N-Y [name-year]  &
                           C-S [citation-sequence]
CSE - Thompson Rivers U, BC [name/year] pdf
Gen CSE Citation Video
IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

List of Manual Styles

Research Guide - many styles
Long Beach State - manuals
   Course resources Sample papers MLA  APA  Chicago1 Chicago 2 CSE

All 5 styles - comparison

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College Board: Majors
Applying to Colleges
Diversity Ratings
Costs Comparisons
Decision Day
CSU Admissions Dashboard
UC Admission Requirements   Admissions Dashboard
Admission Statistics - Parchment
MicroScholarships Raise.me
College Navigator - US Gov
Admissions Stats - Cappex
Applications and Admissions Resources

Famous First Lines
How to Write a Term Paper
Sample Literary Paper
Peer Response Form
Brief Grammar

The Philosophers
Plato's Republic
 The Communist Manifesto
     Acts 4:34-37; Acts 5
The Prince by Machiavelli

Sun Tsu The Art of War
Darwin - Origin of the Species
Donne - Meditation 17 -No man is an island...
Emerson - Nature
Benjamin Franklin - Perfumed Farts
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. - "I Have a Dream"
Gandhi - Speech to Indian Congress
Barak Obama - Convention Speech
Theodore Kaczynski - Against technology
JFK's first inaugural    Moon Speech
Obama's Speech 06.03.08 vs. McCain's Speech 06.03.08




   Class Assignments  
  Course Requirements
Summer Reading
APA Pandemic Essay
Personal Statements/College Entrance Essays

Chicago Author/Date (Chicago 2) The Perfect College
Chicago Notes/Bibliography (Chicago 1)
Council of Science Editors (CSE)
Acceptable Sources for your Essays
Descriptive Essay
Process Essay

Final Paper - Fall
Synthesis Essay 1
Abigail Adams
Sir Francis Bacon
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Post-AP Projects - Spring
          Greek and Latin - An Introduction to Classical Languages  
    Rubric Score Approximate translation to
    letter grades for Essays


AP ESSAY 6-pt. Rubrics Scoring

6 - A
5 - B
4 - C
3 - C-
2 - D
1 - D-


Row A - 1 point = defensible thesis
Row B - 4 points = Evidence & Consistency in Argument
Row C - 1 point = Sophistication of thought, writing, style




AP Multiple Choice

40+       A
39-30    B
29-25    C
24-14    D
1-13      D-
0           F


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