The El Segundo Education Foundation's  
  Summer Academy 2018  
   Registration (available late March)

   Elementary School Courses
   Middle School Courses

   High School Non-Credit Courses
   High School Credit Recovery Courses
   High School Advanced Credit Courses  

High School Level - Credit Recovery
These are all one-semester courses.  
You must sign up for two semester if you need both.
Cost $300  reg. by May 26; $350 reg. by June 9; $400 reg. after June 9 each semester
Algebra 1 A/B
Algebra 2 A/B
Biology 1A/B
Chemistry A/B
English 9 A/B
English 10 A/B
English 11 A/B
English 12 A/B
English 9-12 A/B online
Geometry A/B
Spanish 1A/B
Spanish 2A/B
Spanish 3A/B
US History A/B
World History A/B
These classes are reserved for students who are retaking courses for higher grades. These courses may NOT be taken for advanced credit. You will not receive credit if you have not previously taken these courses. You may take these courses as a preview or introduction to the course for NO CREDIT.
PLEASE NOTE - classes with low enrollment may be cancelled as late as June 15. Every effort will be made to avoid late cancellations.