Multiple Intelligences Learning.

In a learning system that puts much pressure on obtaining proficiency in standards, how does one teach in the 8 or 9 learning domains as prescribed by Dr. Howard Gardner? For a full discussion please see my article published by the United States Distance Learning Association. Simply put, one does not teach appealing to the different learning domains; instead, students learn.

Thus we must allow student the ability to choose between a number of different learning activities to demonstrate their achievement and level of proficiency. Examples... see Romeo and Juliet, Brave New World and 1984, House on Mango Street, or Final Senior Reflection.

Student Portfolios - collective and individual. CD-Zine.


Lab: Adobe Acrobat -

Acrobat creates pdf files (portable document format).  PDF (Portable Document Format) is a file format that has captured all the elements of a printed document as an electronic image that you can view, navigate, print, or forward to someone else.

First expand all tool buttons..

1. Capture a web site
2. Convert a Word, Excel, or PowerPoint into a pdf
3. Basic skills: on an existing pdf file, add a sticky note, text, and  url, use the draw tool, highlight text.
4. Copy text out of the document.
5. Fill out an application.
6. Change an existing file.



Acrobat Lesson 2 - Please open your favorite MicroSoft Word document or simply download  this handy one. Save it to your storage device or desktop. Then convert it to PDF by "printing it" using Acrobat Distiller. Larger PDF documents are available at 

1. Table of Contents (Bookmarks)
Adding Bookmarks

You can add bookmarks to documents quite easily. Choose either the

and select the area that you want to bookmark. Then click on the  Bookmark panel and select  New Bookmark

2. Page Editing
Under the "Document Tab" learn how to "Extract, Insert, Replace and Delete" pages from the pdf.

3. Indexing  (professional)
      Catalog - Store in folder - select location of pdfs to be indexed = pdx

4. Creating Forms download this (professional version only - demonstration)
    * convert to pdf
    * tools - advanced editing - forms - choose tool

5. Add Media (professional)
    * tools - advanced editing - sound tool (you should embed)