Week 4 - Assessments
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Movie Making
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Types of Assessment Tests:

1. Aptitude -  learning potential (SAT, ACT, GRE)
A test used to predict future performance in a given activity, "intended to predict success in some occupation or training course"

2. Achievement - proficiency (CAHSEE)
A test that measures the extent to which a person has "achieved" something, acquired certain information, or mastered certain skills - usually as a result of planned instruction or training.

3. Criterion Reference - standards measurement (CAT6, STAR)
A test linked to predefined content standards and designed to measure student achievement of the content standards. In relation to ISTEP+, the term means the criterion referenced test questions that have been designed to measure the Indiana Academic Standards in English/language arts and mathematics.

4. Performance - activity based (essay  test)
An evaluation of the actual performance of the task or learning objective using the conditions under which it will be performed and the absolute standards for acceptable performance.

5. Normed Reference - (SAT9)
National Percentile (NP) Rank
The NP represents the percentage of students in the national norm group that scored below a given student’s score. For example, a student whose NP score is 70 scored higher than 70% of the students in the norm group. The 50th NP represents the “national average” at the time the test was normed (i.e., half of the norm group scored below an NP of 50).

Norm Group
A sample of students with defined characteristics. The data obtained from testing this group constitutes the norm to which others can be compared. The ISTEP+ norm group is composed of a sample of students representative of the nation in terms of region, community type, ethnicity, grade, and school size.

Norm-Referenced Score
A measure provided by a norm-referenced test that relates the test performance
of an individual or group to the performance of the norm group.

Norm-Referenced Test (NRT)
A test referenced to norms based on the performance of other students across the nation which is designed to compare student achievement relative to other students’ achievement.

Multiple Measures:

1. Classroom Assessment (oral questioning)
2. Samples/Inventories (portfolios)
3. Common (to all) Assessments (essay, tests, quizzes, homework)
4. External Assessments (CAT6, Golden State, AP)"
5. Gateway Assessments (CAHSEE)

The purposes of assessment are to verify the learning of the objectives/standards and to determine to what degree it was learned. When one chooses an assessment, it should be done with the objectives in mind.


Movie Making 1

Part 1 - Gathering Content

Part 2 - Editing Movie

Part 3 - Render Movie