Week 2
Web Mapping
  Before we set out to build a series of web-based lessons, we need to learn about navigation. A good web designer will have a site map drawn on paper or at least in his or her mind before the first page is saved. One way to think about navigation is to map an existing website. See the web pages for Arnold Elementary School in the Torrance Unified School District. Using Google Docs, Excel or another drawing program, make a digital map of the website. You need not map any page outside the web site.
We will do this in class together.

Introduction to Google Docs.
Review Excel Drawing tools.
  Create a hypertext lesson on a lesson of your choice. You will need to write an introduction, at least one paragraph about each topic and  a conclusion. You will need to hypertext your document. You introduction should link to every topic and each topic should link to the others. This project is easier if you select a common theme about which to write.  See student exampleSee another example.
Step 1 - decide on a standard, goal, & lesson
Step 2 - write individual components, each with its own web page
Step 3 - Write introduction and conclusion
Step 4 - Place everything in a common folder each with a unique file name
Step 4 - Hyperlink to create a hypertext (highlight the key word phrase; click on link tool; select file)

Due Week 4.