Week 9 Theme: The new beginning what will you be doing tomorrow?

Homework Due:                   Professional Web sites. Please have an introduction, and at least 6 internal and 6 external links. The content is up to you. 

                Lab Work:                            Presentation of professional web sites

                Reference:                            The Classroom of the Future





The use of technology should move from a "cool" novelty to a seamless teaching and learning tool. The incorporation of technology into the classroom should comprehensive and cohesive, that is, it should be a natural part of the day. 




Presentation of professional web pages.


Complete self-assessment for professional web site.


Also write a FINAL Self-Assessment. Considering the entire course, write a self-assessment. Was this class worthwhile? What would improve this course? What were the strengths of this course, and what were its weaknesses? Also - if you were to assign yourself a final grade what would it be? Please justify your grade.


Thanks for a fun class.