Week 8 Theme: Technology & Education Vision

Homework Due:                   Write your vision regarding the use of technology in education.  What will you do with technology? What do you see your students doing? 

                Lab Work:                            Work on professional web site.

                Reference:                            Vision Statement



Technology changes on a daily basis. IBM estimates the amount of corporate data in the world doubles every 12 to 18 months and that only 15 per cent of this is structured data, and the rest is simply digitized and stored. Over three hundred million people use the Internet (2003), compared to three million in 1994. They can access more than a billion web pages, with an estimated three million new pages added every day.



Thus a vision of technology should not be about content but about process. Content standards advocates are fighting a battle they cannot win as static information becomes less and less important but the skills needed to acquire information becomes more and more important. 


Please write your vision statement of your use of educational technology and place it into your professional web pages.