Week 7  Theme: Hybridizing Classrooms


Lab Work:                            Work on Professional Web Pages.

Reference:                            Wiggins, G. & McTighe, J:  Chapters 10 & 11; Hybrid Classrooms




For the past several weeks, we have hybridized our class. We have embedded into our traditional classroom some strategies used in virtual classrooms. In particular, we have utilized a chat interface and an electronic bulleting board. The two virtual classroom interventions have added new dimensions to traditional classroom settings. I have used both in my own high school classes. What makes these two tools so useful for the traditional classroom instructor?

Bring in your review of a piece of software or hardware. Present your review to the class using PowerPoint or web page. Describe and analyze a piece of educational hardware, software or web site. Please describe its purpose, intended use and audience/users, its degree of difficulty and its price. Do you think it is a good teaching/learning tool? Would you personally recommend it? Would you personally buy it? (optional)





California Virtual High School


Practice using Instant Messenger

Presentations: Cohort Web Pages