Week 5 Theme: Ethics
                Homework Due:                  
Present PowerPoint to class. Have appropriate sound effects, transitions, and voice (video if you wish). (10 pts)

Lab Work:                            Create a personal web site. Have at least 3 internal linked pages and links to 3 external links. Please use photos, graphics and some animation.

Reference:                            Wiggins, G. & McTighe, J:  Chapters 6 & 7


Some may argue that a specialized field such as computer ethics is not necessary provided that everyone behaved ethically in the first place. This is probably true. Ethical behavior is ethical behavior, and this should not be different in the virtual world.. However, the world of computers has revealed special applications of ethics which should be considered by all users.
The Ten Commandments: from the Computer Ethics Institute of the Brookings Institute Netiquette by Sally Hambridge, Intel Corp Teaching Cyber Ethics by Education World
Netiquette by Albion.com Netiquette by LearnTheNet.com  

Lesson:  Making your webpages...

1. Create a new folder - name of the folder is your last name - use no spaces and no upper case letters.
2. Open a new page in Microsoft Frontpage.
3. Save your first page and title it  "index" - use no spaces, no upper case and no quotation marks.
4. You will create at least 2 more pages, name them using no spaces and no upper case letters.
5. All pictures, graphs, art, etc. must first be saved into your folder before you insert it into your web pages.
5. Choose a template design if you wish.
6. Insert a table into one of your pages.
7. Link all your pages together - use a common navigation scheme.
8. Create links to external pages.
IMPORTANT: everything you want on the web MUST be in your folder.

Create a cohort web page which will house your work for every class you take. Please introduce yourself, what you teach, make links to all your future classes.

For additional tutorials, please see Florida Gulf Coast University  tutorial for Frontpage
see also Digital Education Network's tutorial