Week 4 Theme: Safety   (online)


Lab Work:                            Create a PowerPoint presentation that either presents your survey findings or one that you can use in your classroom. Use appropriate animations and sound.

                                                Academic Chat using instant messaging.

Reference:                            Wiggins, G. & McTighe, J:  Chapter  5; Child Safety Technology



Online Discussion
Protecting students and yourself on the Internet is certainly a concern. Just as you would not leave your address and phone number lying about in public, you should also secure your private information while you use the Internet and when you will publish information on the Internet. You must carefully consider which phone numbers, addresses and email information you will choose to publish.

Child Safety is also a major concern. Most school districts follow the Federal guideline and pay for some form of censorship by subscribing to Internet Filters. Popular filters used by schools and individual families include Lightspeed, BESS, Cyber Patrol, Cybersitter, Net Nanny, SurfControl, and FamilyConnect to name just a few - there are many, many more.

While the protection of children is of tantamount importance, is filtering really the solution? I don't think so. Please skim the following article I wrote regarding Internet filtering.

What's your opinion? Some feel strongly that schools must censor in order to protect children. Others agree that protecting children is important, but think that filtering does not provide a pedagogically valid reason to filter. What you think?


PowerPoint (Office XP)  

This week you will be using the illustrations, tables, and/or charts you created and inserting them into a PowerPoint. Please also effectively use illustrations you find on the Internet. You will be presenting your presentations to the class next week. (Week 5).

Basic PowerPoint Instructions:

To create a your own customized slide show....

1. Open the PowerPoint application by clicking the start button on the bottom left. Go to "Programs" and select Microsoft PowerPoint.
2. This is open a title page. Type in the title of your presentation and a subtitle/date/your name  (or just your name).
3. Click on the toolbar above "Insert" and then "New Slide" - slide options will appear - select one. I recommend "Text and Content Layouts" which combine images and text.
4. Type a slide title, text, and insert a picture, graph, table, movie, or whatever you brought.
5. Repeat until you are finished.
6. Frills....
             A.  Use a common slide design background by... click on "Format" and then "Slide Design" - choose a design.
             B.  Use slide transitions... click on "Slide Show" and "Slide Transitions" experiment with different transitions...
             C.  Experiment with other frills under "Slide Show" - these are very powerful tools. (Animate text and objects; use
                   Action Buttons; etc.)
             D.  Write notes for yourself when you present your show to the class. Place your cursor in the text box below the slide and type your
                   speakers notes.
             E.  Add music or video.
             F.  Insert you voice.

For PowerPoint tutorials please see Florida Gulf Coast Tutorial
see also Internet4Classrooms tutorial for PowerPoint