Week 1 – Theme: The beginning – what schools are doing today…



Reference:                            Assessing Technology Tools





Who are you?
  Are you currently teaching?
  What is your teaching experience?
  How comfortable are you with computers?
  Have you ever designed a web page?



What are schools doing today?

What have you seen?
  How are school utilizing technology today?
  Lessons, Attendance, Grades, Information
  1776 - 1980                 not much change


1980 - 1990                 the beginning of computer assisted classrooms
  1990 - present              setting the classroom standard

Diffusion of Innovations

  Moore’s Technology Adoption Life Cycle (1999, p. 17) This simple bell-shape curve denotes the stages of innovation adoption. The gap between early adopter and early majority suggests an adoption barrier
The Product and Process Innovation Curves. As product innovations decrease, process innovations increase.


                        Lab - Pre-formative Assessment