Publish Article

Write an article that you will/could submit for publication. This class is ed-pysch but you need not limit yourself to ed-psych periodicals. Select your favorite education magazine (or even non-education magazine) and write an article that would be publishable in that magazine of periodical. The topic is up to you, but you should incorporate some aspect of ed-psych. You should also include other aspects of your studies that have meaning for your topic. You should also consider aspects of educational technology since this is your area of expertise. Follow the publishing guidelines provided by your target publisher. Not all publishers follow APA, be sure to check.

As an example, here's one I published a while back:

Use the web pages your classmates created for conceptual background information for your article.

For your Webliography, in addition to your weekly 2 posts, please also post the two target magazines or periodicals. Do give a brief background of what they are all about.

Article due Week 9, please upload to Doc Sharing for all to enjoy.

Student Sample - Published in Homeschool Today