CASE Study

The Case Study project is a psychology of the Internet study. Investigate an aspect of gender, race, age, ethnicity, marital status or some other trait as it relates to the psychology of the Internet. This is a field immersion paper, not just a research paper. You need to spend time in the field (the Internet) by joining chats, IRCs, Blogs, and other such online communities. Your paper should tell a compelling story about your experience. You are also to relate your experience to our texts and other studies that you will find on these issues. In addition to the 2 regular Webliograpghies a week, you are to post 2 on your case study project.

  1. A case study method allows you to analyze Internet behavior in order to develop your ability to look at the online environment in a pedagogical and systematic way. A systematic, pedagogical approach will prepare you to better face the opportunities and challenges of online education.
  2. The best case study analyses are methodical, reasoned, creative, and based on analytical observations. The analysis occurs in three stages: (1) phenomenon identification, (2) analysis, and (3) recommendations. This method is usually broken down into these steps:
  3. Clearly identify the fundamental technologies, problems, issues, or questions of your study.
  4. Relate all the relevant facts in a story-like fashion. (Tell the story.)
  5. If you are able, you are encouraged to offer educational psychology insights for the issues involved. You are expected to analyze your observations and relate it to your professional learning experiences, your professional opinion and what you have read.
  6. Offer ways to use your findings in education.
  7. Make recommendations.

Approximately 1500-2000 words - so make each word count. You may work with one partner and hand in one paper for the both of you.

Sample (pdf)