The Webliography allows us to create an annotated bibliography of World Wide Web sites that are relevant to this course. You will find the Webliography in our ecollege web site.

Each week (weeks 1-7), you will submit two sites to the Webliography that is relevant to that week's course of study. In this way we can greatly increase the knowledge capital of the course by collaboratively submitting web sites with annotations of your personal experience or thoughts. Only one student per web site (thus we do not want three annotations on Amazon.Com) Once a web site has been submitted by another student, please choose another. (Post early, post often).

Annotations should include
1. its title, URL, authorship, and date last revised
2. brief description of web site
3. notable features and important quote from the web site
4. justification of why you like the site

I have provided an example in the Webliogrpahy.

You can sort Webliography entries by the date they were submitted, by category, or by the person who submitted the entry.

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