CASE STUDY Guidelines

Your case study may involve an educational innovation, a high-tech school, a school struggling with technology, or an educational technology person. You may choose whatever you wish to study. Please check with me if your choice is not one of these mentioned. Do necessary research and use proper APA format.

  1. A case study method allows you to analyze educational technologies in order to develop your ability to look at technological innovations in a pedagogical and systematic way. A systematic, pedagogical approach will prepare you to better face the opportunities and challenges of educational technology.
  2. The best case study analyses are methodical, reasoned, creative, and based on organizational theory and research. The analysis occurs in three stages: (1) problem identification, (2) analysis, and (3) recommendations. This method is usually broken down into six steps:
  3. Clearly identify the fundamental technologies, problems, issues, or questions.
  4. Relate all the relevant facts in a story-like fashion. (Tell the story.) 
  5. List alternative solutions based on your insights and knowledge of theory/textual readings.
  6. List the advantages and disadvantages of each innovation to the organization and to the individuals involved.
  7. Review all the above and decide which alternative or set of alternatives work best.
  8. Make recommendations.

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