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I have completed a speculative trilogy about the cloning of Jesus. The first book is entitled The J Genome. This volume recounts how Jesus came to be cloned. It explicates the circumstances from Jesus' crucifixion, how his DNA was preserved, and how his clone, Janus came to be born. The protagonists are a young female, Asian-American seminarian and an older Irish priest. Together they bring about the birth of Jesus' clone. (87,520 words) Sample

The second book, The J Genesis portrays the life of Janus from birth, his education, his maturation into adulthood, and the events that caused his death. The life of Janus parallels the life led by the original possessor of his DNA. The novel ponders the question about the kind of person Jesus would be today. (77,255 words) Sample

The third volume is called, The J Generation. This book projects the aftermath of the death of Janus. The clone of Jesus disappears after his death. Again, the world is confronted with the effects of the remarkable life of an extraordinary person. Does the world form a new religion or was Janus merely a good person? (51,937 words) Sample


The Golden Hour: A Chinese-American Restaurant with Stories and Recipes (Sample)

This book encompasses recipes and stories about growing up in my parent's Chinese-American restaurant. The 155 recipes are contextualized with stories. The recipes include not only the dinners served to its paying customers but also the dishes served to the staff. The customers ordered the traditional dishes famously depicted in the media in the sixties through the eighties. From films like A Christmas Story and With Six you Get Eggroll to the stereotypical meal for hardworking folk who are depicted having a quick meal replete with chopsticks protruding from the food pail, these Chinese dishes are recognized by anyone who has eaten in any of these Americanized restaurants. Recipes include the Americanized versions of Egg Foo Young, Chow Mein, Sweet and Sour Pork, etc.

In addition, the book includes recipes of what Dad fixed for his staff to eat. These authentic dishes include dishes like Jook, Pig's Ears, and post-partum fares like Whiskey, Chicken, and Wood Ear Soup, and the delectable Pig's Feet, Ginger, and Vinegar Soup.

The book will appeal to anyone who has eaten in one of the ten thousand Chinese-American restaurant that were ubiquitous throughout the USA. My parents' and uncles and aunt's establishment was located in the small town of Turlock, California which is in the Central Valley. It was typical of the genre of restaurant. I grew up washing dishes along with my siblings and cousins.

The book is illustrated with old photographs. (75,589 words)



Online Learning for Low-Tech Teachers

During the pandemic, I  self-published a book regarding online teaching with my friend, Ron Vincent.  It is is available at Amazon



Seeking agent/publisher.



I retired from a teaching career after having taught for 40 years.  I began teaching at Fuller Theological Seminary where I taught Koine Greek while I pursued a doctoral degree.

In 1991 I started teaching English at El Segundo High School. I became a Curriculum Specialist - Educational Technology for El Segundo Unified School District and taught English, Computer Science, and Social Studies courses. I served on many committees including the district's technology committee and the English curriculum committee. Ray also pioneered online course for the ADTECH Virtual Academy. I earned an Ed.D. at Pepperdine University in 2001. I retired from the El Segundo District in 2022 after teaching for 30 years.

I also taught as an Adjunct Professor for a number of universities including Loyola Marymount University for 17 years, Pepperdine University for over 10 years, Chapman University, and Azusa Pacific. 

  As an educator, I developed curriculum which melded the traditional disciplines with the new technological tools. My goal for educational technology was to make learning accessible to all students making them productive, lifelong learners for the 21st century.
  I was a member of the Board of Trustees for El Camino College from 2005-2013.  
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