English 9 Honors
Dr. Gen

Summer Reading Assignment


We have discussed the themes and character development found in the novel, Whale Talk. Your assignment is to write an analytical essay in which you explain the actions of  T. J.




1.      Remember to focus your discussion on meaningful discoveries. Was T.J. brave or was he stupid in actions? Did he regret his actions in the end? Did he win or lose at the end? Be sure to support your opinion with evidence and details from the text.


2.      Support your arguments with specific references to the novel. Direct citations are necessary for positive evaluations. Please provide in-text referencing, for example:


"You want to turn out like everyone already thinks you've turned out?" (Crutcher 96).


Usually a bibliography/reference list must be provided for all academic papers; however, since  I am familiar with all your sources and this is your only source, a bibliography/reference list will not be necessary.  Twenty Say-Mean-Matter are eligible for extra credit.


1.      Use proper essay format: Introduction, Body, Conclusion (word processing is highly recommended).


2.      Since this is your first essay, your analysis is limited to 500-750 words. Your analysis need not be long, but it should be academically sound and thoughtful. Please single space. I suggest that you do your best. I will be accessing you and the class in your ability to analyze text, write academically, utilize the conventions of standard written English, and your ability to follow directions.