Extra Credit




Your final project is to write your own utopia. A utopia is a fictional place where the author presents an idealized place in which to live. In other words, describe a perfect society. Describe the perfect place for you to live. The following guidelines will assist you in your creation.


Your project must be word processed and spell checked.


1. Define your group.


a. How many people will your utopia have?

(50, 500, 5000, a county, the world?)


b. Setting. Where will your utopia be located?

(a mansion, ranch, city, island, nation, planet?)


2. Cover the following societal areas:


a. Economic capitalism, socialism, communal?


b. Political democratic, autocratic, theocratic, monarchical, hierarchical, oligarchical?


c. Family immediate, clan, communal, abolished


d. Education familial, community, religious?


e. Religion?


3. What will you do


a. to foster a sense of belonging and community?


b. with dissenters from within?


c. with enemies outside?


d. if someone wants to leave?


e. if you are attacked?


4. What will be your philosophical base?


Every group has a theme or philosophy around which the society is based. What will be your principles? (equality, love, justice, fear, wisdom, God, competition, happiness?)


5. Is there a similar group today or in history?