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English 9 Honors - Short Story Unit

Vocabulary from Readings


Define the following words and be prepared to be tested on the APPLICATION of these words.


"Phaethon"  by Bernard Evslin  (pp. 26-31)                                                                     Arrangement

affront                                                                    befit

marrow                                                                   oracle

sentry                                                                     warrant


"With All Flags Flying"  by Anne Tyler  (pp. 68-74)                                                     Arrangement

appurtenance                                                        dodder

inventory                                                               monosyllabic



"The Most Dangerous Game"  by Richard Connell   (pp. 84-98)                 Arrangement


affable                                                                    amenity

appraise                                                                 ardent

baronial                                                                  bleak

brier                                                                        caliber

condone                                                                                crimson

debacle                                                                  deplorable

droll                                                                        ennui

haversack                                                              imperative

imprudent                                                              invariable

medieval                                                                opaque

opiate                                                                     palatial

palpable                                                                 precarious

quarry                                                                    scruple

solicitous                                                               staccato

tangible                                                                  uncanny


"Different Cultural Levels Eat Here"  by Peter De Vries  (pp. 99-103)                         Arrangement

char                                                                        interrogation



"Chapter I"  by Anna Lee Walters  (pp. 114-119)                                                           Arrangement

arroyo                                                                    chamisos

desolate                                                                 diligent

gorge                                                                      hobble


"The Scarlet Ibis"  by James Hurst  (pp. 130-139)                                                          Arrangement

armada                                                                   bedeck

blight                                                                      brogan

caul                                                                         egret

frond                                                                      heresy

ibis                                                                          imminent

infallibility                                                             iridescent

naught                                                                   reiterate



"Dawn"  by Raymond Barrio  (pp. 140-146)                                                                     Arrangement


abode                                                                     coffer

connivance                                                           crepuscular

delectable                                                              depraved

dexterous                                                               ethical

exhort                                                                     flail

habitable                                                                immersion

imperious                                                               insatiable

lithe                                                                        migrant

onslaught                                                              orifice

plush                                                                      prerogative

shrewd                                                                   sordid

stupefy                                                                  torpor

viable                                                                     whorl


“American History” by Judith Ortiz Cofer (pp. 293-302)                                               Orange

abusive                                                                  dilapidated

distraught                                                              elation

hierarchy                                                               infatuated

maneuvering                                                         martyrs

resigned                                                                 solace


“The Gift of the Magi” by O. Henry (pp. 151-157)                                                          Orange

agile                                                                        assertion

cascade                                                                  chronicle

coveted                                                                  inconsequential

instigate                                                                 predominating

prudence                                                               subside


“A Christmas Memory” by Truman Capote (pp. 272-285)                                            Orange

cavort                                                                     conspiracy

exhilarate                                                               garish

goad                                                                       inaugurate

noncommittal                                                        prosaic

sever                                                                      squander


“To Build a Fire” by Jack London (pp. 517-535)                                                             Orange

anesthetic                                                              apathetically

appeasingly                                                          appendage

ensue                                                                     extremity

intangible                                                              smite



“Marigolds” by Eugenia Collier (pp. 74-87)                                                                     Orange

bravado                                                                 compassion

degradation                                                           futile

impotent                                                                impoverish

perverse                                                                 poignantly

squalor                                                                   stoicism