Dr. Gen
English 9 Honors


Short Story Writing Assignment.


Write a short story that is a sequel to a short story read in class. Your short story should include the elements forshort stories. It should not be all plot. Be sure to further develop the character(s), the theme, and descriptions.


Peer Response/Evaluation Guide:


1. How effective is the title of the short story?Does it foretell the content of the story?


2.Does the story center around a single, well-told incident?Note where the narration needs to be more coherent.


3.Note where the story could be told in a more interesting fashion.Are good story telling strategies used?


4.Note the use of specific details such as people, places, objects, quantities, numbers.Are these described well?


5.Are the human senses employed in the essay?Touch, Hearing, Sight, Taste, and Smell.Note where they could be employed effectively.


6.Is dialogue employed effectively?Internal Monologue?


7.Are events and feelings shared effectively?


8.Is there tension or suspense? Is there a surprise?


9.Does the writer properly orient the reader?Is the enough background information?Is there too much?


10. What is the conflict in the story? Is the conflict resolved?


11.Note spelling and grammatical errors on the short story.


12. Does the short story fit the theme?


13.Score the essay with points ranging from 0 to 6 points using the criteria described above.


The MAIN purpose of this exercise is to help your partner improve his or her essay.He or she will in turn help you improve your paper.This evaluation and improvement plan is not personal.Be honest and help each other IMPROVE each otherís essay and grade.


Return the completed Peer Response and the Draft to your partner.