Romeo and Juliet

by William Shakespeare

This classic tale of tragic love is known throughout the world. The twists and turns experienced by the two star-crossed lovers resound in the cultural understandings of relationships to this day. Shakespeare's classic tale of young love will be explored by this class.

The class will focus not only upon the story, but we will also explore the themes of Romeo and Juliet and the form of tragedy itself as it was adopted by Shakespeare from classical Greek theater.

Resources that I have found useful include the following:

Shakespearean Sonnets

Papers on Shakespeare 1

Papers on Shakespeare 2

***Papers on Shakespearean Sonnets***
(WARNING - do not plagiarize, but do use these for ideas and background)

A former student's (Ariel's) webwork

Shakespearean Resources

Shakespearean Texts Online

The Globe Theater

Romeo and Juliet 1998 Film

Purgatory by Maxine Kumin

Elizabethan England

The Royal Shakespeare Company

The Shakespeare Society

The authorship controversy

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