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English 9 Honors


The House on Mango Street

by Sandra Cisneros


The following dates are crucial for our work and your enjoyment of this novel.  You must have all the reading and assignments completed by these dates.  Late work will be penalized.  Discussion of the novel will take place on these dates as well.


Oct. 24                                                    Receive Text

Oct. 29                                                    Read Quiz  (pp. 3-42) [up to “A Rice Sandwich”]

Nov. 2                                                    Read Quiz (pp. 43-80) [up to “Sally”]

Nov. 7                                                    Read Quiz (pp. 81-end)

Nov. 12                                                  Amazon Review Due

Nov. 14                                                  Exam; Notebook due


Notebook Assignments: 

1.  Theme Log.  Keep track of the themes you perceive and the themes we discuss in class.  You should list the themes and explain their significance in paragraph form.  You should note page numbers for future reference and study for your exam.  This section will be of major concern for your exam.  Be very thorough.

2.  Character Analysis.  Keep track of Esperanza.  Note how she develops throughout the novel.

3.  Note the importance of the setting.  Describe how and why Mango Street is important.

Place all these completed tasks in a notebook that includes a detailed table of contents.


Analytical Essay

Assigned                               Nov 2, Fri

Draft 1                                    Nov. 9, Thurs

Draft 2                                    Nov. 15, Thurs


Thematic Presentation

With a partner, carefully examine and explain one of the themes in the book. From this basis, do a presentation on the problems that particular theme presented and how Esperanza dealt with it. Relate it also to real world problems that you have witnessed. For example you may choose the theme of prejudice and note how Esperanza experienced it and handled it in her life. Then relate how this same thing happens at ESHS and the problems of prejudice here.


Possible themes: immigration, prejudice, maturity, sexuality, sexual abuse, gender relations, domination of men, childhood friendships, school-related problems, a sense of belonging, etc.


Your presentation may take whatever form you wish. You may write an essay, poem, short story, fictitious diary, create a web page, do a PowerPoint presentation, create a video or audio, write a song, create an album – just about anything. However, you must in your presentation relate the a particular theme, show how it affected Esperanza and how she dealt with it, and relate this theme to your own life.


Analytical Essay

Esperanza states in the last chapter, “…but what I remember most is Mango Street, sad red house, the house I belong but do not belong to.” In a formal, academic essay, explain what Esperanza meant by this statement. Explain this paradoxical feelings. Explain how this feeling explains her entire life from beginning to the end of the book. How does this statement represent her entire life?


Exemplary papers will make cogent arguments that are substantiated by citations from the text, manifest a thorough understanding of the book, and will be free of numerous mechanical errors.