English 9 Honors - Schedule for


by John Hersey


Jan. 3                                                      Introduction: Research for Paper and Debate


Jan. 6                                                      Reading Quiz 1 (pp. 1-16 - chp. 1)       

Jan. 12                                                    Reading Quiz 2 (pp. 17-90 - chps. 2-4)    

Jan. 13                                                    Bibliography for Research paper due                          


Jan. 17                                                    Research Paper Intro


Jan. 19                                                    Reading Quiz 3 (pp. 91-152 - chp. 5)


                                                              Hiroshima Vocabulary Exam


Jan. 20                                                    Draft 1 – Research Paper


Jan. 27                                                    Research Paper  Due

Feb 1                                                      Extra Credit Project Due


Finals Week                                         Controversial Issue Debate




Research one aspect of the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. You may also research the interment of Japanese Americans during WW II. You are encouraged to do research along the lines of your debate position.  Please write a brief 1000 word researched essay following MLA format.

Extra Credit Project



* Create a presentation using the following formats: Power Point, Web Page, Interactive Text. (These may be presented on pen drive, URL,  CD-ROM or DVD.)


Project – Choose ONE. 


1.  Write an account of Toshinki Sasaki, Masakuza Fujii, Hatsuyo Nakamura, Wilhelm Kleinsorge, Terufumi Sasaki, and Kiyoshi Tanimoto.  Include in your accounts what they were doing before the blast, during the explosion, shortly afterwards, and 40 years later.  Needless to say, these individuals were profoundly affected by the dropping of the bomb.  (Your summary will be more effective if you arrange your assignment according to person rather than chronology.)


2.  Research the reason why the Japanese military bombed Pearl Harbor causing the United States to enter WW II.


3. Research the Hiroshima Peace Site. Explain why and how this center came to be.


4. Interview a person who experienced WW II. Write a “oral history” of that person’s feelings regarding the war, the atomic bomb, feelings about the “enemy,” personal experiences in the war. (Could be a veteran, nurse, factory worker, internee)


5. Research why many of the scientists involved in the development of the atomic bomb were against its use.


6. Research the fate of the crew of the Enola Gay. What happened to them?


7. Contact and correspond with someone at the Hiroshima Peace Center. What perspectives do they offer? (Can be less than 1000 words.)


8. Research the Japanese Relocation policy of the USA. Why did the USA unconstitutionally lock up Japanese Americans?


9. Research relocation centers like Manzanar.


10. Write a position paper justifying the use or non-use of nuclear weapons in the future.


11. Other: please make a suggestion to Dr. Gen.


This extra credit project will be worth 50-100 points.