The Gatekeepers

by Jacques Steinberg


What does it take to get into a competitive university? How could you make your application stronger? Why do you want to attend such a university? What are your criteria in selecting a university?

In this book, the author follows the life of an admissions officer at Wesleyan College, one of the upper tier schools in the east. We follow, Ralph as he agonizes over admitting students. The author also follows the lives of half a dozen teens as they mature through high school and go through the painful application process which leads to both jubilation and great despair.

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Having read The Gatekeepers, make a 4-year plan for yourself to get into the college of your choice. Your plan should include academics, co-curricular activities, hobbies, college visits, reading etc. In short, knowing what you know about elite college admissions, how will you get in?

Make a A-G chart for yourself to plan out your high school career. See UCLA recommendations. Please post your A-G chart on your web site.