Student's that study music learn alot about what we all enjoy all the time. Neither me and my sister thought that studying music would be get me anywhere but I was wrong. If I was to say that I love about music the best was I learned that there is a huge variety in life and everybody can enjoy something differently. The worstest music I know is someone elses favorite. Like I hate what my dad listens too all the time when hes working in the garage jazz. And  he hates what I enjoy techno and emo but the point is we can both love music! Neither me or my dad need to agree about what we like accept when we are in the car together but all I have to do is get my earbuds out and the problem is fixed. Dad and myself get along alot better when we can each listen to our own music and not force the other to listen. Dad who is a real nice guy most of the time loves my whole famiy.