This pass summer I went to sacramento ca reno nv salem or and seattle wa to visit relatives including grandma wilson.




My sister hasnt never missed wild discovery a nature series on the discovery channel every thrusday @ 700pm



Last but not least, in my humble opinion students should write good otherwise your parents would chew you out and your teachers will criticize you like a ton of bricks but some of you could care less. LOL.



My friends that are members of the key club wants to visit the getty museum for extra credit.



Bob donít have no yearbook yet but he can look at my for the time being.

6. Walking down the street the flowers were lovely to look at.  I saw the bus peeking out the window being home.


7. Being a good student each must study in order to do their best work and you need to do your work on time.


8. Students has got to write good so he or she can get scholarships to universities.


9.  Just between you and I the flavor of the dish is poorly, I hope we dont get sick and puke.


10. Being hypre-active, the small kid that wore the shirt which was green, spilling his drink all over the place, having run around so much.


11. A good student must pay attention otherwise you might missed what's going on in class and then they will get poor grades.


12. In my opinion I think that an author when he is writing shouldn't get into the habit of making use of too many unnecessary words that he or she does not really need in order to put his or her message across to the reader.