When the trained stopped moving president wilson detrained and gave a speech to the american people about the tariffs on products from new zealand china and melbourne.

Janus told Aimee that they has got to get married before he got his first job at the canadian embassy because there would be no time after he started his job.                  



Climate change is changing the earth rapid. The new posted temperatures from around the earth are rising quick.






Having just won the award for her computer game App War; the award was awarded at the downtown cliftons restaurant was offered by the senator of colorado.



Shakespeae's poem venus and adonis is different than the poems we just pick up and read instant.



Youre aunt Aimee last year attended a three week online class at el camino college she had class in the morning and had to work at aeorspace corporation in the afternoon.



Cricket is different than american baseball in many ways and yet they has similarities such as scoring runs they both use bats and the ball is pitched.