Exercise : Tense Consistency Exercise 2

Completing Sentences

Complete these sentences, using the tense suggested.

1. We stand patiently, hoping that help ____________________  soon. (use future tense of "arrive")

2. Advertisers seem to believe that constant repetition ______________________ up sales. (use present tense "drive")

3. By the time the fog lifted, the beach goers  ___________________________ enough. (use past perfect tense "endure")

4. We will leave for Florida as soon as Juan __________________ here. (use present tense of "run")

5. One student keeps repeating what __________________ into his head. (use present perfect tense, passive voice of "drill")

6. Yesterday our track team competed in a meet that ___________________ the championship. (use past tense of "win")

7. Before the crew paves a driveway, they always ____________________ the streets. (use present tense [habitual action] of "sweep")

8. Before the crew paves the driveway, they ______________________ the width. (use future tense [one-time action] of "measure")

9. By the time the letter arrives, they  _____________________. (use future perfect tense of "leave")

10. When the final report is published, _____________________ too late. (use future tense "be")

11. The swimmer ________________ many laps in this pool before winning the trophy. (use past perfect tense of "swim")

12. Sally _______________ to many events before she saw the right one to buy. (use present perfect tense of "go")

13. Horatio Hornblower is a story about a fictitious British captain who won many battles against the French and _______ any enemy. (use the future perfect tense of "defeat")

14. One of my favorite outdoor pastimes is hiking and camping. I think that food that _____ outside seems to taste better. (Use the present perfect tense passive voice  of "cook").

15. The speeding car ____ (use past tense  of "crash") into a telephone pole when it tried ______ the police. (infinitive of "evade") 

16. Juan ______ (past progressive of "speak") too fast for Sally to understand him. Sally  _____ him to slow down (past perfect of "request").

17. Who ______ what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow ______. (present tense of "know" for both).

18. The students who used their iPads proficiently clearly _____ an advantage over their peers in the contest (past perfect tense of "have").

19. Olympic gold medals ______ (past tense, passive voice of "award") to the swimmers who _____ the fastest times in history (past perfect of "swim").

20. High school students  ______  (future perfect tense  of "complete") a course of study that ______ ( past tense, passive voice of "design") to prepare them for college.

21. By the time we _____ (past tense  of "leave") for vacation, we ______ (past perfect of "complete") all the course work.

22. On our way to New York, we _____ (past perfect tense of drive") by many landmarks and we _____ (past tense, passive voice of "welcome") graciously by many of our relatives. 

23. Juan _____ (past tense of "take") Betty to the prom; they _____ (past perfect tense of "dance," "eat," and "enjoy") the evening with many of their friends. 

24. The volleyball team ____ (present perfect tense, passive voice of "award") many accolades after they ____ (past tense of "play") their undefeated season.

25. The iPads _____ (past perfect tense passive voice of "distribute") to all the students before school _____ (past of "start").

26. The parents of Sally _____ (past perfect tense of "have") enough of her insolent attitude and they _____ (past tense of "ground") her for the rest of the month.

27. In class we _____ (past tense of "read") the autobiographical book _____ (past tense of "entitle") Night; when we _____ (past perfect tense of "read") the last chapter, there _____ (past tense of "be") a test.

28.  After they _____ (past perfect tense of "create") their own passwords, the students _____ (past tense of "log") in. By period 3 tomorrow, they _____ (future perfect tense, passive voice of "assess") of their abilities.

29. If we  ____ (present tense  of "learn") history, we _____ (future tense  of "know") our course because we would be aware of where we _____ (past perfect tense of "be").

30. Starbucks _____ (present progressive tense  of "make") a healthy profit on a beverage that ____ (present perfect tense passive voice  of "drink") for many centuries.

31. Water polo players _____ (past perfect tense of "swim") many miles before their first game ____ (past perfect tense of "play," passive voice). 

32. The marathon athletes ____ (present perfect tense of "run") this course many times before they _____ (past tense of "run") it today. 

33. My favorite meal is the one I _____(present progressive tense of "eat") currently; I _____ (present perfect tense of "eat") many different cuisines. Last night, I _____ (past tense of "eat") tacos.

34. You _____ (present perfect tense of "forget") to clean your room before Grandma's visit; I suppose you also _____ (past tense of "forget") to buy her a gift.

35. Sally _____ (present perfect of "buy") balloons for the party but many of them _____ (past perfect of "burst") before she got them here.


(Purdue OWL)