Verbal Nouns

                Good dancing, singing, speaking and writing skills are desirable skills to possess.



       Verbal Constructs

                  Verbal Nouns

                             To wait for the bell to ring is boring.

                             Everyone wanted him to go.

                   Verbal Adjectives ("to" may be ommitted)

                             Help me do my homework. (hint - modifies?)
                             I wanted her to leave.

          [NOT prepositional phrases:   I sent email to my mother. She went to school with her lunch money.]




        Verbal Adjectives
                Present participles (-ing) -  eating, running, dancing,
                                The dancing bear we saw at the circus was hilarious. (What does it modify?)

                Past participle (-ed or -en)  walked, eaten,
                                The beaten team went home in tears.


               Practice Sentence                 

                    Having gone to the store all day, were were tired and hungry.