English 9 Honors
Ray Gen


The Crucible

by Arthur Miller



Notebook Requirements:


1. Theme Log. Keep track of the themes you perceive and the themes we discuss in class. You should list the themes and explain their significance in paragraph form. You should note page numbers for future reference and study for your exam. This section will be of major concern for your exam. BE VERY THOROUGH.


2. Character Analysis. Keep track of the major characters in paragraph form. Note especially Abigail, Proctor, Elizabeth, Hale, and Parris.


3. Note the importance of the setting. Describe how and why the setting is important to the play.


Online Discussion Board:

There have been many "witch hunts" in history. Please research one online. Summarize the event and compare it with what you are learning in this unit. Post the summary and comparison.  Respond to the other students' comments. Moodle Discussion


Research Project:


With a partner, carefully examine one of the following topics: the actual Salem witch trial, Puritanism, the Massachusetts Pilgrims, the McCarthy hearings, Communism in the USA from 1945-1960, the separation of church and state, theocracies, the Mayflower Compact, the history of Salem, other witch trials, Cotton Mather, etc. You may choose another related topic, but please check it with Dr. Gen before you begin. After choosing a topic, research it thoroughly and explain its significance to the play.  If you are writing with a partner, you must use 60 vocabulary words in your essay. If you are writing without a partner, you must use 30.


Definition Essay

Draft 1 - Dec 9

Draft 2 - Dec 16

Presentation of Project

Your presentation may take whatever form you wish. You may write a poem, short story, fictitious diary, create a web page, do a PowerPoint presentation, create a video or audio, write a song, create an album just about anything. However, you must in your presentation relate the research topic, show how it affected play, and relate the topic to modern American life. Post your project on your web page.