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AP English Language & Composition
Class Requirements


Welcome to AP Language and Composition.  Our goals this year will be to enhance and develop your use, knowledge, and appreciation of both the technical and literary aspects of the English language.  You will be required to listen, speak, read, write and think analytically.  Our analysis of language and composition will prepare you for the College Board's Advance Placement Exam in May.  The study of language and composition will open up to us new vistas on academics.



Analytical Essays
            Each week will present new readings and new opportunities for writing analyses.

Essay Exams

            AP style essays will be learned and assigned.


Class Participation

           This major grade is based upon how well you interact with the materials and other students.  Each studentís opinion and viewpoint is highly valued.  Respect

           for each other and the opinion of others is mandated.


Grading Policy:

                Students will be awarded points for every requirement of this class.  A grade of zero point will be earned if a student fails to turn in an assignment.  Progress reports and the final grade for each semester will be determined by the traditional scale:

                                                                100% - 90%           A

                                                                89      - 80                B

                                                                79      - 70                C

                                                                69      - 60                D

                                                                59      -   0                F

The percentage of the total points possible will determine the studentís grade.  The points earned are cumulative for each semester. 


General Conduct:

1.  Each student will come prepared for class having the appropriate materials in his or her possession.


2.  Tardies will affect your grade adversely.  Tardies may be excused with an appropriate note.


3.  Class disruptions are not tolerated.  Offenders will be removed from the program.


4.  Late work will be penalized severely.  Assignments are due the day you return from an excused absence.


5.  I expect honor, self-respect, and dignity from each student.  Plagiarism is forbidden.


6.  I always leave substitute teachers with lesson plans and seating charts.  Do not be disrespectful.  Do not try to take advantage of a substitute teacher.




AP classes are MUCH more demanding than the regular English classes.  This class is not a one-year course.  This class is the culmination of a four-year program, which is designed for students to earn college credit this year.  As a student of the English language, we are preparing you to speak, write, think, and function well within our society.  There will be different challenges and requirements facing you Ė some of these havenít even been thought of. With these objectives in mind, you must allocate the necessary time and resources to achieve this goal.  Much effort is required to perform well in this class.


Attendance and Assignments

All assignments and attendance are mandatory. Absences (whether excused or unexcused) do NOT excuse students from due dates. Since most essays are posted on a studentís website, an absence does not provide a student with extra time to hand it in. Students who choose to miss class due to activities such as athletic competitions, OSS counseling, choir tours, etc. will be assigned not only the work missed but also additional assignments to learn the missed classroom content. Students are expected to make up work prior to leaving for their activities and will do the additional work after their return.