Poetry Theme Paper

Write a paper on two poems that share a similar theme. At least one of the poems must come from the Arrangement in Literature textbook or The Language of Literature textbook. If you choose a poem from another source, you must include the text of the poem in an appendix to your paper.

1. Introduce your topic/theme. Provide some interest as why the theme is important. If appropriate, provide information that informs your reader of the background of the poet and why her or his background is important to the poem. If the poet's background is not significant, do not include such information.

2. The body of your paper should discuss the theme as it is found in both poems. Tell how they are alike. State the unique perspectives. You should provide at least four points to discuss. You need to cite the actual lines from the poem. Do not cite line numbers, use the actual words from the poem.

Good Example: The speaker of the poem states in the second stanza, “It seems an age since from the pot…” (Updike 224).  This directly indicates the passage of time.

Poor Example: The speaker of the poem states how time passes in first line of the second stanza.

3. Conclude the essay with a statement of significance of the theme.

4. Provide a Works Cited. at the end of your paper.