Who or Whom?

Relative Pronoun

Who and whom may be used as relative pronouns to introduce adjective clauses. Who and whom may be used to introduce noun clauses. The rules for nominative and
objective case apply. If the pronoun is a subject of the verb in its own clause, it is in the nominative case: I do. not know who was responsible. (Who is the subject of was.) 
If the pronoun is a direct object or the object of a preposition, it is in the objective case: He is the man whom you met. (Whom is the direct object of the verb "met".) This 
applies to all the compounds of who and whom such as whoever or whomever.

To determine whether to use who or whom, ask only ONE QUESTION: Does the relative clause have a subject? If it does then the relative pronoun must be the object. 
(Example: Sally, whom we admire, is the student body president. - [we admire her] - the object of admire)
If it does not, then it must be the subject.  (Example: Sally, who is the smartest in the class, is also very nice. - [she is the smartest] - the subject of the clause)

Use who or whom:

1. She is someone _____  you can trust.
2. Edward is a pianist _____ we think will succeed.
3. The coach needs players on _____ he can depend.
4. Has the principal decided _____  he will appoint to direct the work?
5. Have you heard _____ won?
6. Is Ted the dancer _____  you saw?
7. She is one _____ will help.
8. I guessed _____ was guilty.
9. Dee, with _____ I was sitting, kept talking on and on and got us in trouble.
10. Carlotta is a leader _____ we all admire.
11. Do you have any idea of _____ will be nominated tomorrow?
12. Is Mr. Holmes the man to _____  we should send the order?
13.  Do you know the writer _____ Mr. Sims was quoting?
14.  Father is the one _____ will drive.
15. We still do not know _____ will play the part of Romeo.

Use whoever or whomever:
16. _____ qualifies will be accepted in the club.
17. _____ you appoint will be satisfactory to us all.
18. Present your ticket to _____ comes to the door.
19. I'll give my support to _____ wins the nomination..
20. We will support _____  the club elects.


21. The Senate decided ____ would be the next chair of the committee. 
22. The President selected Amy ____ California elected last election.
23. My brother, who lives in California, is an engineer.
24. My cousins, one of whom is a doctor, live in England.
25 The woman who works in the bank is my neighbor.
26. That’s the student who failed Calculus three times.
27. Edgar Allan Poe, ________ wrote the famous poem "The Raven," was born in Boston in 1809.
28. The employee ______ won the award has been promoted.
29. The British Prime Minister, ____ was interviewed yesterday, denied responsibility. 
30. Kerry Ann, __________ hates spiders, wears bug-stomping boots wherever she goes.
31. Professor Borg glared at Leann, __________ spent the entire class drawing space aliens in the margins of the lecture outline.
32. Into the dark apartment walked David, __________ we nearly killed with surprise when everyone shouted "Happy Birthday" and jumped from behind the furniture.
33. The doctor explained that Rex, __________ we had rushed to the veterinary clinic, would not die after eating eight bananas that he stole off the kitchen counter.
34. Tim was too embarrassed to say anything to Deidre, __________ had sautéed spinach caught between two teeth.
35. Grandma bought Freddie, __________ wears black T-shirts exclusively, a button-down white oxford shirt and a navy blue blazer for Christmas.
36. __________ believes that Kyle will eat the tarantula fried in garlic and olive oil?
37. Kyle, __________ will take anyone's dare, no matter how outrageous, smacked his lips in anticipation of the fried tarantula.
38. The game show host presented a trophy and a $500 check to Kyle, __________ Sara refused to give a congratulatory kiss.
39. Oliver, __________ hates to cut the lawn, pushed the heavy mower through the tall grass.
40. With __________ will Scoobie attend the homecoming festivities, the handsome Jake or the nerdy William?