Sit or Set?

Principal Parts
                Infinitive                    Past                        Perfect

                sit                             sat                        sat

                set                            set                       set

Sit = to take a seat (intransitive)
Set = to place or put something (transitive)

Use a form of "sit" or "set."
1. He _____ back and pretended to sleep.
2. Kevin _____ for thirty minutes talking on the phone.
3. I thought that I had left my checkbook _____ on the table.
4. Several of them were _____ around the campfire.
5. Where did she _____ the bag of groceries?
6. Frank _____ the flowers on the mantel.
7. Let's _____ out under the trees and relax.
8. He likes to _____ on the porch and rock.
9. _____ on the desk was a computer.
10. _____ the hammer down on the bench, please.
11. Joanne _____ often here under the sun.
12. Frank _____ the glass on the floor.
13. _____ by the window, Kevin can see down the street.
14. On the coffee table _____ a large black cat.
15. Having _____ down as directed, Joanne began to testify.
16. The printer is _____ the type.
17. With his hat rakishly _____ on top of his head. he left.
18. Joanne's house is _____  far back in the woods.
19. The flowers have been _____ on the window sill.
20. Once the boat was _____ on the trailer. we were ready to go.