Rise or Raise?

Principal Parts
                    Infinitive             Past             Perfect
                    rise                    rose                risen

                    raise                 raised               raised

            Rise  = to get up (intransitive)
            Raise = to put up something (transitive)

Use a form of "rise" or "raise."

1. Prices have _____  in the past few years.
2. The curtain always _____ a few minutes late on opening night.
3. _____ the windows, and let the breeze blow in.
4. Higher and higher _____ the eagle.
5. Joanne _____ her grade in English this semester.
6. Slowly the old man _____ out of his chair.
7. Whenever you know the answer, _____ your hand.
8. They said that the sun would _____ in an hour.
9. Your question _____ a new problem for us to solve.
10. The farmer _____ at dawn to do his chores.
11. As our plane _____ from the runway, I held my breath.
12. We couldn't take off until the fog had _____.
13. A column of smoke was _____ over Big Bear.
14. Stock prices _____ during the afternoon.
15. The flood waters have _____ to new heights.
16. The sun had just _____ when we started our fishing trip.
17. Heated air _____.
18. If the price has ______, you can't afford to go.
19. The tide _____ at 4 p.m. today.
20. How high will the balloon _____ ?