Lie or Lay?

Principal Parts  

            Infinitive             Past             Perfect

                lie                    lay                lain

                lay                   laid               laid


    Lie = to recline  (intransisitve)

    Lay = to place something  (transitive)

Use a form of "lie" or "lay."
1. The town ______  in the heart of the mountains.
2. A mist _____ over the valley yesterday.
3. Yesterday he _____ the letter on the table.
4. Don't _____ those records there.
5. The snow has _____ on the ground for weeks.
6. Your hat is _____ on that chair.
7. Joanne ______ the tape recorder on the bench.
8. The fisherman were _____ their nets in the sun to dry.
9. The equipment must have _____ on the floor for years.
10. Frank was _____ under the tree.
11. How long has he _____ there?
12. I hadn't _____ the package there.
13. The plants _____ along the edges of the garden.
14. Our furniture has _____ in storage for months.
15. Kevin _____ his costume on the table.
16. The counselor _____ on the top bunk and took a nap.
17. You must _____ awake at night dreaming up those schemes.
18. Joanne has_____  in bed all day because she is ill.
19. Were you _____ down?
20. How much asphalt must be _____  for the new highway?