Capitalize the first letter in:
1. The first word of a sentence.
2. The first word in each line of poetry.
3. The first and all other important words in the greeting of a letter.
4. The first word in the closing of a letter.
5. The first. last. and other main words in titles of chapters. stories. poems, reports, songs. books. movies. and radio and television programs.
6. The word I.
7. A proper adjective.
8. Initials.
9. Titles of persons (Mr. Ms. Mrs., Dr.).
10. Abbreviations (P.O.. R.R., C.O.D., Dr.).
11. Titles of high government officials.
12. A proper noun.
13. Words like Mother. Sister, Uncle when used in place of or with names.
14. Names of schools. clubs. organizations. and buildings.
15. Names of streets, avenues. boulevards. roads. and Rural Route.
16. Names of cities. towns. counties, states, countries. and continents.
17. Names of rivers. oceans. mountains, and regions (the South).
18. Names of days, months. holidays. and other special days.
19. Names of businesses and special products.
20. Names of languages. nationalities. and special groups.
21. Names of political parties.
22. Names of government departments.
23. Names for Deity.
24. Names of churches and religious organizations.
25. Names of historical events and documents.
26. Names of airlines. ships. and railroads.
27. Names of magazines and newspapers.
28. The first word of a head and a subhead in outlines.
29. The first word after a strong interjection.