Flowers for Algernon

by Daniel Keyes



April 10                                Discussion with Dr. Gen (over first 25 pages)


April 11                                Vocabulary Quiz 8, Read Novel


April 12                                3 Dialectical Journals in class,  Read


April 13                                Reading Quiz 1 (pp. 1-53); Discussion of novel


April 14                                Correct the Spelling and Grammar for Charlie Gordon’s Progress Report 1; Read


April 25                                Reading Quiz 2 (pp. 54-115)


May 2                                    Reading Quiz 3 (pp. 116-216)





Choose one of the following to do as your project. You may choose to work with a partner. However, I expect each partner to have a specific role and for the project to be much, much better than if you were working alone.



1. A script for the 6 o’clock news covering the Charlie Gordon presentation in Chicago.

2 A letter of recommendation for Miss Kinnian if she were to apply for a job at ESHS. Explain why she would be a good candidate to teach at our school

3. A eulogy for Algernon

4. A citation for the Nobel Science Prize for Charlie Gordon, Professor Strauss and Nemur

5. An A&E Biography of the life of Charlie Gordon

6. A poem for Algernon and Charlie explaining their relationship

7. A dialogue between Charlie and Algernon in heaven

8. A letter to one of the characters

9. An interview with one of the characters

10. A psychiatrist report on Charlie before, during and after the operation

11. A report on medical science and the ability to make a person smart

12. A song about Charlie’s sense of alienation

13. A short story that continues where the novel left off

14. More progress reports where the novel left off

15. A questionnaire administered to students about the ethical-medical issues of this novel. Report your findings.


Presentation of Project

Your presentation may take whatever form you wish. You may write a poem, short story, fictitious diary, create a web page, do a PowerPoint presentation, create a video or audio, write a song, create an album – just about anything.