Final Project

1.  Project Description

Describe an area of personal interest. Tell what you already know and what you can already do and have done in this field of interest. It could be a hobby, area of study, sport, a possible career, or whatever piques your interest. Be descriptive.

Then describe the next level of this area of interest. If you are to pursue this interest, what do you still need to learn? What skills do you need to master? Describe how you plan on achieving this next level. What are the levels beyond the next level? Lay out the breath and scope of this area. Describe what lies ahead and how you plan on making this happen.


2. Research Paper

Write up your project using MLA format. Be sure to cite your sources. 5 sources minimum.


3. Presentation

Present your project to the class. The presentation should last about 5 minutes. You may use a Google presentation, Prezi, Adobe Voice, or make a movie. Tell us about your project.