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Reading List

Women's Perspective

Complaints and Disorders: the Sexual Politics of Sickness p. 619

"On Women's Right to Vote"
by Susan B. Anthony 1872 speech video

Seneca Falls Convention of 1848

"Sisterhood" by Gloria Steinem p. 984 video

"The Gender Gap" by David Kohn

African American Perspective

"Stride Toward Freedom" by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr p. 235 video

"Neccesary to Protect Oursleves" by Malcom X p. 239 video

"Coming of Age in Mississippi" (1968) by Anna Moody p. 491

"How it Feels to be Colored Me" by Zora Neale Hurston p . 782

"Zora Neale Hirston: A Cautionary Tale and a Partisan View" by Alice Walker p. 787

"My Dungeon Shook: Letter to my Nephew on the One Hundredth Anniversary of the Emancipation" by James Balwwin p. 791

"A Black Man Talks of Reaping" a poem by Arna Bontemps p. 777

Immigrant Perspective

"A Nation of Immigrants" by Bernard A. Weisberger p. 713

"Yo soy Joaquin" a poem by Rodolfo Gonzales p. 243

"Suzie Wong Doesn't Live Here" a poem by Diane Mei Lin Mark p. 252

"Mexicans Begin Jogging" a poem by Gary Soto p. 1113

"Immigration and US History" By Hasia Diner (

What is an American?

"Mother's Choice" by Anna Quindlen p. 992

"Dear America: Letters Home from Vietnam" by George Olsen 945

"Bring Back the Draft...NOT" by Rear Admiral Jim Carey (pdf)

"The Case for Official English" by S. I. Hayakawa p. 1060

"Why Fear Spanish?" by Carlos Alberto Montaner p. 1060

"A Gathering of Heroes" by Gregory Alan-Williams (LA Riot 1992) p. 1119 Video 1, 2
Time Magazine Rodney King, Reginald Denny, Bobby Green


seneca falls

Seneca Falls Convention 1848