English 10 - Work and Assignments




   This year many multiple draft essays will be assigned.  The essays will include analytical and argumentative styles.  Each draft will be evaluated by peer respondents who will give suggestions for improvement of the paper.  All essays need titles that reflect the content.




  Who says it to whom?

  What does it mean?

  Why does it matter?


 Close Reading

   Annotations of text and careful reading of assigned texts.



Dialectical Journals

  Every journal entry MUST include the page number wherein the citation can be found.  Your responses may include interpretation, questions, predictions, personal insights, personal feelings, comparisons, observations, etc.  You are free to choose the passages to which you will respond.

  The dialectical journal MUST cover the book in its entirety.  Do not limit your journal to only one section of the book.  Students may earned extra credit by doing additional dialectical journals.



Vocabulary and Grammar 

   Vocabulary homework will be assigned each week and will correspond to the quizzes every Friday.

   Grammar will be assigned and discussed nearly everyday. Occasional quizzes will be given to measure learning.




   Reflective Journals will be assigned periodically.  Journals will coincide with the literature being studied.  Students are expected to respond to the writing prompt and to engage the topic with alacrity.  Students will be given 20 minutes to write each entry.



Group Work

   Students will be given various topics to work on collaboratively.  Grades will be based upon the output of the group as well as individual cooperation within the group.



   1. Class assigned

   2. Independent reading


Technologies Used

   1. Student Websites

   2. Haiku

   3. Various apps and websites on iPad

   4. Moodle